How Can You Access This News for Free?

Learn how to access all of East Lansing Info's news for free and how to become a member to see the news as soon as it breaks!

How Can You Access This News for Free?

Welcome to the East Lansing Insider, a direct-delivery news service from East Lansing Info (ELi), your dedicated nonprofit local news provider. The Insider achieves two aims:

(1) Promptly gets the East Lansing news you want right to your inbox in a well-designed format that's quick and comfortable to read.

(2) Gives our supporters who wish to do so an easy way to contribute financially to ELi.

So, what is the East Lansing Insider?

At its core, the East Lansing Insider is an email-distributed newsletter that replaces ELi’s prior daily mailers and weekly mailers. It gets the news straight to you without the screening of the social media giants.

What’s the advantage to you of signing up for an Insider membership?

Subscribed Insider members who donate $10/month or $100/year get earlier access to the news through the Insider.

ELi’s news is still available at without a paywall. But that free version of our news reporting comes out a day or two after the news goes out to ELi members subscribed through the Insider.

If you just want to get ELi’s Saturday morning roundup with links to everything we've covered that week, you can subscribe to do that here without any charge by choosing the free subscription level.

But that will get you the news later than if you become an ELi Insider Member, and you won't get the news reported to you in this comfortable email form that avoids the algorithm-gaming of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

What about emergencies?

When there is news about emergencies – like active shooters, power or internet outages, or really bad storms approaching – we will blast it out to everyone through all the channels we have available to us, as we have always done.

What’s the advantage to ELi of you signing up?

As we explained in the Task Force report, running a local news operation is an incredibly resource-intensive endeavor, and ELi manages to do it as a nonprofit organization on such a small budget – less than $200,000 per year.

But even so, we have constantly struggled to have enough funds to keep this going. We hope that enough people in our community will contribute $100 per year through the Insider that we can keep this operation funded without constant distracting struggle.

Those memberships will supplement the major donations provided by generous local ELi boosters, helping us achieve sustainability.

How can you subscribe for an Insider membership?

Go to the main page for the Insider and click on the maroon “subscribe” button. Then choose the ELi Insider Membership option at either $10/month or $100/year and follow the prompts. Remember that because ELi is a recognized public service organization as a 501(c)(3) charity, your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Support the ELi team and get a tax deduction. That's a pretty great deal!

Can you share your Insider membership with your spouse or other household members?

Yes. If you sign up for an Insider membership and want us to give a complimentary subscription to another person also living at your address, please contact us and we'll get that set up. We will need the other person's email address to do this.

Willing to wait for your news and want just the free weekly round-up on Saturday mornings?

Go to the main page for the Insider and click on the maroon “subscribe” button. Then choose the free option.

Have questions?

Please contact us. Thanks!